Please watch, like and share guys (comment too)! Let’s embrace the beauty of winter rather than continuously complaining about it. I love winter! The cold nights, the hot drinks, being around family, aaaah I could go on… and you should love it too. ;)

    Winter [Poem]

    When it rains under the clouds thoughts,
    We have no choice but to listen and observe.
    The television screens make it seem like
    Monday mornings are a day to hate,
    I would push the limits to challenge those thoughts.
    It’s something about these cold days in the winter
    That have me thinking beyond the moon’s rotation.
    I don’t get to think much in the long days of the summer
    Because I’m too concerned with the sunshine.
    There are many reasons to love the short days in December,
    As my connection with God betters.
    Try praying during the long nights and you tell me what it’s like
    To converse with the angels.
    To be honest, I love wrapping my body like a present indoors.
    Sometimes my mood chooses to hate the cold.
    Though my humble eyes retaliate to dreams
    I see when the water pours onto my windows.
    Beautiful dead leaves stuck on the sharp edges of the fence
    Reminds me of a friend that once passed.
    Flashbacks of the days gone by turn my experiences into a reflective one,
    Like when the snow assembles on the windows of a car, it reminds me of life.
    For me to see my reflection, I would have to clean up the screen
    blocking me from reality.
    And sometimes I don’t bother so I walk on down the road
    To regret mistakes I left on the bus.
    With people arguing if the windows should be open or shut,
    I regret not defending the weak by standing up.
    And it seems like walking in winter is the best.
    My hands, hooked onto a whirlwind of hot chocolate,
    Comfy shoes like ‘Uggs’ for the ladies and the
    I still choose to rock [Nike] Air forces.
    Style when it’s cold is appealing, as I like getting creative
    With some garments and woolly hats, just finding way to stay warm.
    Winter is a time that loved one find each other in spaces
    They haven’t occupied before.
    Every evening feels like a Sunday and all you wanna do is snuggle up,
    TV shows suck so I wait for the holiday season, as cartoons like
    Lion King are the highlight of my night.
    Back to back films with my nieces and nephews,
    I wonder what they paint in their minds’.
    My mother, the epitome of Love,
    The smallest things are made reality in the winter and
    She believes in every ambitious art presented by
    Her Daughter’s and Son’s.
    The Friday nights in Häagen Dazs with my boys
    In Leicester Square is all I can think of.
    Truth be told, I can write an essay about how
    Amazing it looks to live in cold London.
    How the beautiful Tower bridge lights up the river of our mind.
    I cant deny my dislike towards cold temperatures
    So I still choose to walk with a big jacket and a wand,
    Tucked in my pocket dreaming of a magic trick
    To see spring again,
    But I remind myself of how privileged I am, to be sitting here,
    Pouring my ink onto paper about the beautiful warm Winter days.

    Mohamed’s Poetry 2013 ® All rights reserved

    Surgery done. Now I’m just chilling on my hospital bed. Clench fist representing strength. A lil high (the halal way) but I’m feeling good peeps. Make dua please. Live you all! :)

    "Expressing Muslim belief through creative arts." Fantastic piece of art in the middle of campus by graffiti artist, Muhammad Ali part of the #IslamicReformulations project.

    The pictures from last week came out great. Alhamdullilah! =D

    This has been my fave t-shirt for a long time. The message is the reason I’ve hung on to it for so long. I’ve had it since I was 16, proves to you how much I’ve grown, lol! #Adidas #TeamiDontHaveTimeToIron :P

    Farewell David Beckham. England’s Greatest! #Legend

    I absolutely love this Masjid. #Exeter #PostMaghrib =D

    One of my favourite pictures of me performing. I love many things… #SpokenWordPoetry & The Stage is one of them. ;)

    I don’t think Chris Bosh is ready for Gibson again. Does he want a repeat of this tonight? I think not! #MiamiHeatWho #NBAPlayoffs #ChicagoBulls #BULLSNATION :P

    It’s that real! #Bulls #NBAPlayoffs #MiamiHeatWho #JoakimNoah #BULLSNATION

    It’s that real! #Bulls #NBAPlayoffs #MiamiHeatWho #JoakimNoah #BULLSNATION

    Epic photo from Game 3. Taj Gibson dunks on Kris Humphries! He’s dunked on D-Wade too. Who’s next, LeBron James? :P #NBAPlayoffs #BULLSNATION #NETSvBULLS

    Michael Jordan. #Chicago #Bulls #NBA =D

    Still thinking about last night’s show. Such an amazing gathering of poets and poetic fans alike. Thanks again USS, for having me close the show, it was an absolute pleasure. P.s. this pose looks like something from a Michael Jackson video. Heheee. :P

    Getting ready to perform tonight, all for a great occasion. #USS #TeachSomalia ;)

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